Welcome to Toronto Comics Review! Our five year continuing mission is to visit and review every comics retailer in the city of Toronto, to boldly go where some of you may have gone before…

It’s hard to find a good local comic store. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the LCS (Local Comics Store) of your dreams. Stores will be evaluated based on the kind of product they’ve got on hand, membership privileges and sales, atmosphere, accessibility, and customer service.

We believe that comics are for everyone, and that somewhere there’s an LCS for you.

Who the hell are we?


We are two ladies with far too many years of experience in retail, customer service, and in obsessing about comics.

Megan is a student, aspiring writer, and wage slave, who spends all of her disposable income on comics and hair care products. She blogs and tweets as The Wherefores, and is hard at work scripting a graphic novel about Toronto history and time travel.

Maddy loves comics. She maintains the comics link-blog When Fangirls Attack!, reviews comics on the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast, and wrote a story for the first issue of Holmes Inc. Maddy is biased in favour of Batgirls, Canadian content, and sweet potato fries.

Where are you doing this?

In the great big city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There are a number of well-known and loved comics shops in the city, but we’re not stopping there. Our plan is to visit each and every comics store, from Scarborough to Etobicoke, North York to Lakeshore. No comics store shall escape our sight!

Why are you doing this?

Since the 90s comics bubble burst, it’s gotten harder and harder to find a great LCS. Harder still for women, kids new to comics, people with disabilities, and people of colour. The advent of digital comics and a changing economy mean a different world for the comics industry and retailers. We expect some comics shops will adapt and evolve, finding new ways to do business.

Our goal is to visit, observe, and document our observations and explorations of Toronto’s comics retailers. Reviews are subjective and many are based on single visits to a store. As the blog continues, we will revisit stores and our reviews.


If you would like to contribute a review of your local or favourite comics store, or share your experiences shopping at one of the stores we’ve reviewed, let us know!

Reviews should be 500 to 800 words long, and may be edited. Pictures, multimedia, and comics are more than welcome.

Please e-mail us at torontocomicsreview[at]gmail[dot]com.


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