Hairy T North

Hairy T North (3rd Quadrant Comics)
6979 Yonge St.
(647) 430-1263

The owner fell asleep. Awkward.

With that out of the way, we’d like to tell you more about the store. Near Yonge & Steeles, Hairy T North is a lot like Hairy T South, but located in a cave, rather than a converted house. Much like the creaky staircase of Hairy T South, the stairs down to Hairy T south are… intimidating. Dimly lit, industrial, and quiet, new customers will wonder if they’re in the right place. Keep going, though, and you’ll find a smorgasbord of comics, toys, and other pop culture paraphernalia.

Action figures like Dr. Zaius, whatshername from the Drew Carey show, Wonder Woman villain Circe, and the bridge from the Enterprise D, sit beside (and above) bin after bin of obscure back issues, and a solid selection of manga, superhero, anthologies, webcomics, indie and international books. Monthly comics, while present, are limited and take a backseat to the collection of trades and manga shelved throughout the store. Hairy T North seems to specialize in carrying all the things. Not only does the store host game nights, it stocks board games, D&D, cards and gaming supplies.

While the store lacks any kind of organization (books and toys are all over and some product is still in boxes), there are some real gems. Superhero paintings on the ceiling of the shop are a nice touch. The store is set up garage sale style, in a wall-less, underground unit. Low lighting contributes to a black hole effect, and there is a large gaming area in the back, (which appears to also contain a portal to some Cthulian hell dimension). A makeover in terms of decor and organization would be welcome, but their stock can stay just as it is (awesome). This is not an accessible store. The flight of stairs and poor lighting would be an obstacle for many.

The owner is friendly and ready with recommendations of all kinds. He’s the former proprieter of Queen West’s 3rd Quadrant Comics–you might remember it as that tiny underground shop, near the entertainment district. Like Hairy T North, 3rd Quadrant had all the things. Things you never knew you wanted… and maybe still don’t. Hairy T North has a lot of stuff. Perhaps too much for new readers, or shoppers with little time.

The collected Hairy Tarantulas share a website, where they list sales and special events. However, it’s not the clearest, or most useful LCS homepage we’ve seen.

We recommend Hairy T people looking to source particular back issues or merchandise, but we can’t recommend it as a monthly shop, or for new readers.


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