Jargon and Lingo and Whatnot

You may notice from time to time that we slip in odd phrases, words, and acronyms into our reviews, and we realize this may be confusing for those who don’t live and breath comics 24/7.

We will try to include definitions as we go along, but should we fail to do so or if you’d just like to study up (you nerds, you), we recommend you check out this glossary of comic book jargon put together by Saranga on her New Readers, Start Here blog.

The terms that we probably can’t stop using are listed and defined below:

The Big Two: The two largest publishers of superhero comics (and comics in general), Marvel and DC.
LCS: Local comic book shop/store. What it says on the label, your local comic book store.
Trades/TPB: Trade paperbacks. These may be collections of comics that had previously been released serially (as floppies/monthlies), or they may be graphic novels (which may also be released serially).
Floppies/Monthlies: Pamphlet-style comics published monthly on newsprint. Usually 20 – 22 pages in length.
Lit Comics: “Literary Comics”. The smarty pants stuff. Usually non-genre comics.
Indies: Comics published independently, small press publishers, or even anyone who’s not Marvel or DC.

We hope this helps, and if you catch us using strange words you don’t understand and haven’t defined, just ask.

Stan Lee yelling at Comic Book Guy, on The Simpsons


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We review comic stores and comics local to Toronto, Ontario.
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