Cyber City Comix

Cyber City Comix
1025 Steeles Avenue West
(416) 667-7592

Cyber City Comix is located above a bagel shop. We’ve never gone in for bagels, but it seems nice. Two things upfront, the first is a confession. Cyber City is our LCS*, but we will attempt to keep that from making us too biased. Secondly, being an upstairs unit accessible only by two flights of stairs, it is not an accessible shop. That is, it’s not an option for persons with mobility restrictions.

It is however, a friendly, well-run store. Owner Daryl is often found behind the counter chatting with friends and customers, or outside sharing a cigarette and conversation on the store’s balcony. The staff is generally quiet, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented. They don’t balk at requests for help, and remember the names, preferences (and possibly blood types) of their regular customers.

Cyber City is a monthlies shop with some selection of back issues, trades, manga, and lots of toys and other collectibles. Their monthly comics shelves contain everything from big two books**, to horror, fantasy and small press comics. They don’t, however, carry the truly obscure stuff, and are limited to English language comics and manga. Cyber City has a decent selection of recent trades, and highlight their favourites with staff picks, but don’t have much in the way of ‘literary’ comics. With off-site storage, they have a more than generous selection of toys, as evidenced by their huge booth at local conventions.

Walking into the store for the first time you may not know where to start. The shelves are divided into this week’s latest comics, monthly comics from the past few weeks, and then trades, manga and back issue bins. Casual browsing is made difficult by narrow aisles, and is backpack unfriendly on busy days. The lack of natural light is a downer, but we love the constant background music; usually hip hop, rock and jazz, and always quiet enough to make conversation easy. The decor is fairly typical of comic book shops, cluttered with products and posters, but it’s made up for by a positive atmosphere. Babies, dogs, and moms are all welcome.

Regular customers will benefit from a paid membership that gives you a discount on floppies and trades. In striving to give customers a fair deal, monthly comics and trades are usually sold at US cover price or at the actual exchange rate. The store allows customers to set up a pull box, and have their chosen comics set aside. Trade and back issue sales are held throughout the year, and are promoted ahead of time. Once a year in the fall, customers can enjoy a Wine & Cheese Night. Daryl wears a suit.

They don’t have much of an online presence yet (a website is in the works), but can be contacted via e-mail, and have a Facebook page.

We recommend this store to North York, Vaughn/Richmond Hill locals who are looking to get their mainstream fix. It’s not ideal for shoppers seeking out indie or obscure titles, but it’s a good LCS and we keep going back.

*LCS: Local comic book store/shop. (See our geek glossary for more).
** Big two: Marvel and DC are the comics world’s ‘big two’ publishers.


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3 Responses to Cyber City Comix

  1. dirty diana says:


    this is an awesome idea, but can I request one more review facet? Would love to know if stores have decent mail service, I’m currently looking for a good store that will mail me the contents of my pull list folder once a month. I have this set up with the Beguiling but it’s turning out to be theoretical as they keep forgetting to actually put my books in the mail. Sigh. And originally they wanted me to send them a new order list every 2 months which was spoon consuming.

    I guess this counts under accessibility? I do this because it’s hard for me to go into the actual store. The place I used before was not terribly friendly to my inability to go every Wednesday either, I’d put stuff on my pull list and by the time I’d arrive they’d tell me they were sold out. Dudes, if I wanted to rush here every Wednesday morning I wouldn’t even need a list. The search continues…

    • I’ve never used mail service, so I didn’t think of this. We’ll be sure to ask about it going forward!

      Accessibility is proving to be a huge issue. I don’t think we’ve been to one shop that’s truly wheelchair friendly yet.


  2. John Schultz says:

    I have to say that this is becoming my LCS. I have recently moved to the GTA from the states a little while back and I find it to be a very nice shop with decent to great selection, depending on what you are going for.

    As far as the indie or obscure titles go, if they don’t have it they will do their best to find for you. That, to me, makes up for the lack shelf stock on those titles that I enjoy.

    All in all, a very good little shop with a great staff that is more then willing to help out without being overbearing. And that is hard to find.

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